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Aconcagua Sweet Pepper SeedAconcagua Sweet Pepper - Andes, cubanelle type peppers can grow up to 11" long. Harvest light green. Delicious raw in salads, stuffed or stir fried. 80 days from transplant. C. annuum 25 seeds per packet
Aji Cristal Hot Pepper SeedAji Cristal - Chilean 1" x 3" peppers 3' tall plants. Waxy, ripen light green to yellow to light red/orange. Citrus flavor best when immaure. 90 days from transplant. C. annuum
Aji Rojo Hot Pepper SeedAji Rojo - Puca Uchu - Pepper 5"x1" green (mild-popular for pickling) maturing chocolate to red and becoming very hot. Sprawling plant 2-3'tall. 90 days from transplant. C. Chinense
Aji Yellow Hot Pepper SeedAji Yellow Pepper - South American Incan favorite pepper aka Kellu Uchu. Green to yellow pepper medium hot 2-3" long. Large plants having vine like growth. 90 days from transpalnt. C. baccatum
Almapaprika Hot Pepper SeedAlmapaprika Pepper Seed - Hot Apple, Hungarian 1 1/2x2" pepper crunchy, thick, medium hot, white to red. 65 days from transplant. C. annuum
Anaheim Hot Pepper SeedAnaheim TMR 23 - Chile Verde when bright green, Chile colorado when red. 7" long mildly pungent. Use fresh, canned, fried or dried. Popular for chile rellenos or strung into restras. 78 days from transplant. C. annuum.
Ancho Hot Pepper SeedAnchoHot Pepper - called Ancho when dried, Poblano when fresh. Moderately pungent, heat shape peppers 3-5" long, turning from black-green to red. Stuff it, roast, dry, use in mole. Remove skin if using fresh. 68 days from transplant to green, 88 days to red. C. annuum. 25 seeds per packet
Ancho Giant Hot Pepper SeedAncho Giant - Dark green, heart shaped, almost black pepper. Not too much heat, good for sauces and stuffing. 90 days from transplant. C. annuum
Ancho Ranchero Hot Pepper SeedAncho Ranchero Hot - Hybrid, very large ancho compared to open pollinated. Tall, sturdy plants give an abundance of truly impressive peppers that become as large as some bells, providing a wealth of culinary possibilities. Deep green color eventually ripesn to a rich red. 70 days from transplant.
Antohi Romanian Sweet Pepper SeedAntohi Romanian Sweet Pepper - 2" x 4" tapered, pale yellow to red. Good frying pepper. 70 days from transplant. C. annuum
Apache Chili Hot Pepper SeedApache Chili Hot Pepper Seed - Fruit is 2-3| upright. Plant 16-18" well branched. Good in containers as well as garden. 75 days from transplant. 25 seeds per packet
Apple Gourd SeedApple Gourd - Shaped like a delicious apple, mottled green in color. About 5 lbs. makes a beautiful ornament item, dries to a brown color. 110 days from transplant.
Apron National Hot Pepper AssociationApron - Full size beige with the National Hot Pepper Association logo and pockets. Now a collector's item as once this batch is gone we wil not be remaking.
Aurora Ornamental Hot Pepper SeedsAurora Ornamental Pepper Seeds - 10-12" plant, purple and green foliage  1 1/2" long upright fruit lavender/purple/orange/red.  90 days from transplant.  25 seeds per packet.  C. annuum
Autumn Wings Gourd SeedsAutumn Wings Gourds Blend - A delightful assortment of deeply winged, warted pears and oher shapes. The colors are vibrant and draw attention wherever they are displayed. 95 days from transplant.
Banana Hungarian Wax Hot Pepper SeedsBanana Hungarian Wax Pepper - Mildly hot pepper 5" long, light green to yellow. Use for canning, pickling, fresh, stuffed. 20-24" tall plant. 65 days from transplant. C. annuum
Banana Hungarian Wax Sweet Pepper SeedBanana, Hungarian Wax, Sweet Pepper - 6"x 1 1/2" quality plant. 75 days from transplant. C. annuum
Banana Sweet Pepper SeedBanana Sweet Pepper - 6-7" long pale yellow turns red. Use fresh and for pickling. 70 days from transplant.
Barker's Hot Pepper SeedBarker's - New Mexican large green chile, very pungent. Dries well. 85 days from transplant. C. annum 25 seeds per packet
Basil Large Leaf Italian Herb SeedBasil Large Leaf Italian Herb - Sturdy plants scented large leaves. Use in eggs, cheese, salad, meat, vegetable soups. 60 days from transplant.
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