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Germinating and Planting Seeds

Soak seeds in a salt petre solution (1/2 teaspoon to 1 quart of water).  To keep your varieties separated use small glasses or jars with part of the solution and soak the seed for 4-8 hours before planting in light potting soil in trays or small peat pots (for easy repotting or planting).  Wet the soil (not soggy) place seeds 1/8" deep.  If you are not in a warm climate or have a greenhouse you can start seeds indoors covering the pots with plastic wrap and placing them in a warm (80-90 degree F) location such as the top of the refrigerator. Check daily to make sure the soil remains moist.  As soon as they come up you can move them to a brighter location and a slightly loer temperature.  Allow 6-10 weeks from sowing to transplanting.  When they reach their second level of leaf growth they an be transferred to larger pots and you may give them a little fertilizer such as liquid Miracle Gro.  Pepper plants do not like to sit it water but they do like to be watered often so make sure you have good drainage.  When moving them outside remember to give them shade for the first few days or a week. 

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