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Apron National Hot Pepper AssociationApron National Hot Pepper AssociationApron - Full size beige with the National Hot Pepper Association logo and pockets. Now a collector's item as once this batch is gone we wil not be remaking.
Bode Amarela Hot Pepper SeedBode Amarela Hot Peppr - aka Yellow Goat.  Rouond very hot yellow fruit 1/2" dia. 1-2' tall plant used in a variety of dishes.  C. chinense    80 days from transplant.  25 seeds
Book Mark, GiftBook Mark, GiftBook Mark - Magic Non Slip Flexible and washable. Great for cookbooks or any other book with the same design as the cutting boards of the same material. 2" wide 8" long.
Bottle Stopper, GiftBottle Stopper, GiftBottle Stopper - Wine, Oil, Vinegar, Liquor - Plastic with the look of glass. Great hostess gift, great for your own special pepper vinegars, oils, pepper vodka or anything else you'd like to decorate with those wonderful pods.
Chile Pepper Magazine (vintage collectors issues)Chile Pepper Magazine (vintage issues)
Chile Pepper PlacematChile Pepper PlacematChile Pepper Placemat - padded double sided design, washable (see matching napkins too).
Corno Di Toro Yellow Sweet Pepper Seed
DecoStone Coasters, GiftDecoStone Coasters, GiftDecoStone Coasters, set of 4 - Beige with beautiful bright colors in chile pepper design with cork bottom.
DecoStone Coasters, Multi-Color PeppersDecoStone Coasters, Multi-Color PeppersDecoStone Coasters, Multi-color peppers set of 4 - Beautiful bright colors in chile pepper design with cork bottom.
Earrings & Pin Set, GiftEarrings & Pin Set, GiftEarrings & Pin Set - Beautiful rhinestone bright red earring and pin set. Add a little sparkle to your favorite chile pepper gal. Great for evening and unusual sparkling red Christmas wear. Earrings measure 1 1/2" from top of loop to botton of pepper, pin 1 3/8" long.
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